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Youth unemployment in London

moove2london on 28 Nov 2011

Recent figures from the Office of National Statistics suggest that youth unemployment in the UK has now hit 1 million. It also seems that foreign workers are getting more jobs than homegrown British talent. As an example, the popular fast food franchise Pret A Manger has at least 2 shops in London that don’t employ any British staff at all.
The number of British-born workers has decreased by 850 people a day at a time when foreign workers has increased by around 495 a day.
Unofficially, the common mentalities behind choosing to employ workers from overseas rather than Brits, appear to include reasons such as a)foreign workers are happier to work for less money than Brits, b) they are harder-working than British people and c) they’re more likely to turn up on time.

Of course this may come as welcome news if you are moving to London from abroad. But what should you do if you’re an out of work Londoner, or are thinking of moving down to London in the near future?

First of all, you need to decide what kind of job you’re willing to do. If you’re a graduate and are happy to wait a while, going through extensive recruitment processes before being employed in the job of your dreams, then this is fine so long as you can afford to do so. But you might be better off making do with what we call survival jobs, which will help keep the bills paid, your CV nicely padded out and hopefully keep you sane whilst you interview for a more appropriate job for you.

Obviously the evidence above makes it sound like if you’re a Brit then you won’t manage to get any type of work. This is a particularly negative slant on a bad situation. There are still jobs out there so long as you don’t mind working for a little while in shops, pubs or restaurants. But if you do manage to secure one of these roles, then don’t blow it by proving to bosses why they should stick to employing foreign workers over Brits. It may not be the job of your dreams, but turning up on time and putting some effort in during working hours are the basics of holding down a job. At least until something better comes along.

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